Shelter for a Sniper

During the second Turanian campaign Major of the 9th General Directorate of the KGB Kim Osokin was seriously injured in a duel between snipers. By an ambulance plane he was transported to the Central Military Hospital where he underwent several surgeries and later was released and given sick leave. He is spending this time on shooting ground with birch trees. He wants to be fit again in order to return to the army and revenge the Fate.
On one of these days the birch forest reveals to Major Osokin its metaphysical inside. Through his gun sight Osokin starts seeing the Primary forest as an intersection of Macrocosm layers where Essences and Mysteries meet each other.
A matron-birch tree and a dog accompany the sniper in this trip in the foundation of the Birch Forest - a fragment of the Russian Forest; and his soul is forever marked with a birch marker.

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